Wine of the Week


2015 Scott Family Estate Pinot Noir
Arroyo Seco, Monterey, California

While it is but a small cog in their family’s huge winery business, tiny Scott Family Estate could be considered on a level with any winery in its portfolio. The family in mention is the Zaninovichs (Zann-in-ovich) who are Croatian in origin, but have been in the United States for generations. The family has owned and farmed produce and other viticultural items since the 1940’s, predominantly located throughout the Central Valley.

Sometime in the early 1970’s, Marko Zaninovich acquired some property (over 180 acres) in the highly acclaimed Arroyo Seco area of the Salinas Valley that was planted in grapes. He spruced up the property and began selling the grapes to wineries or having the grapes made into wine and then selling it off to other wineries. As Arroyo Seco grapes and wines emerged as one of the leading vineyards in the entire central coast, it became apparent to the Zaninovich Family that they would one day commemorate these wonderful grapes with a wine of their own. The acquisition of venerable San Martin Winery in early 1994 provided a platform for their activities in that area.




"At first, this is plump on the nose, with cherries and warm star anise. Aromas of dried plum skins, orange rind and bitter black tea then reveal layers of complexity. Light in body and energetic on the palate, it shows strong peppery spice against the tart red fruit, making for a very lively experience." Matt Kettmann,



Tasting Notes: 

Vibrant aromas and silky flavors of cherry, strawberry, toasty vanilla and toffee. This 100% Pinot Noir is richly textured with balanced acidity, silky tannins and a smooth, lingering finish. Enjoy this elegant Pinot Noir now or savor for the next ten years.